refuse to be dead

...and beat yourself down
you know the words, theyíre widely spread
now try to get them in your head
itís good to know whatís wrong, whatís right
now use your knowledge, start to fight
against what you recognized as wrong
itís not enough to sing along
the same old songs, the holy words
Ďcause empty phrases do not hurt...
you sing of changes
well, go and change your fuckiní self...
the partyís over
time to get angry

raise your fist!
are you honestly angry, do you mean what you say?
do you think youíre on the right side?
look into the mirror and start to hate

raise your fist
Öand beat yourself down!

letís go! letís move! letís live! letís change!

why canít we see
thereís nothing less important in this world
than the opinion
of a little hardcore kid thatís full of hate
that cannot follow his own rules, that canít conduct her own laws
thereís already to many judges
set this world on fire!

married, cold, half-dead
people change and so did we
maybe youíre right, let us at least be honest
better a clean cut than a festering wound
better live all life alone than live this lie one more day

better end this lie right now than live my life just one more day
but why do i feel like having lost something precious
or havenít i?

thank you for teaching me i am strong enough to live without you

love has to be intense and adventurous
it canít be ordinary, routine is deadly
where is the magic sparkle that used to light our world
prince charming and sybil vane Ė married, cold, half-dead

(donít care, canít cry, itís love, not life)

love is a field to grow inside
but it cannot grow in an artificial dessert

i wish it was different, iíd be ready to love you
but this world is hostile, it turned us into stones
maybe next life, maybe next week
but for this time thank you and good bye

keep rolling!

the harmless armless
endless pain Ė like sand paper on your tongue, wax dropping in your eye
dumb and blind Ė canít face my enemy, canít tell whatís left to scream

the clouds are gathering, the sun canít break the mist
the dogs begin to howl, the birds have left for south
a lightning i canít see and a thunder i canít answer
now seven years of rain, like acid in the wounds

i cut Ė or scratched with my fingernails and bit with my own teeth
the mirror goddamn shows Ė a dreamer without dreams, a boxer without arms

endorphin, special k - i do not think this is the end, itís just a break
get yourself a new beer - lean back and watch me fry

the big circular-saw we call god approaches unstoppable

here i stand before you Ė soaking wet, covered with stars
canít tell what i feel for you Ė soaked with blood, covered with scars
my wrists call for a knife, i wonít helpíem find one
one life, no sense Ė and the rain keeps falling down

(knock out in the first round
hail ex-girlfriend
all thumbs go down)

new sun rising
hey boys, hey girls, my friends
letís go and change the world

tonight can be the night Ė we gotta start today
letís set our hearts on fire Ė we gotta start today

the future isnít written yet, we can change it, we can and we fucking will
this is still our world, you cannot steal it Ė try it and be killed

brothers, sisters, comrades
thereís so much left to burn

make room for a new world Ė we gotta start today
destroy and recreate Ė we gotta start today

no matter what weíre gonna built, it will be better than the world today
thereís nothing worse than armageddon, worse than this
weíre gonna fight and weíre gonna win

standing at the edge of the bridge looking at the ocean, seeing a new sun rise
the water turning red, distorted faces start to smile Öagain
no ethic norms, no moral laws, this is our chance to start again
to built a world based on equality not power

freedom, justice, solidarity
(itís fate, we canít fail)

we've marked these red lines...
borders are bullshit
no flag but the black flag
nation state is a racist concept
babylon burn!
you will know us by the xís on our hands
you will know us by our raised fists
weíre the battle line facing you
weíre young, anger armed anarchists

mr. president canít you see that all your pride means nothing to me?
wanna live my life self ruled world-wide, nation states mean nothing to me!

world bank and wto
seattle and genoa
g8, eu, nato
every summit, every mayday
you will know us by the brick in your window
you will know us by your burning car
you shoot protesters, we strike back
the world is ours, letís take it back

Öyour goddamn world means nothing to me!
look at the maquiladora industries in latin america and eastern europe
look at your sneakers and t-shirts and the sweatshops they come from
they justify their deeds with profits and growth, tell us it is necessary
but there is no justice in capitalism

no nation! no border! no government! no state!
we have to burn down this capitalist world before itís too late
if we stand together, we can do it! solidarity is a weapon!
rise up, everybody! join in the fight!

refuse to be a man
i refuse to be a man
i refuse to play a role
i refuse to be a man
i refuse playing by your rules

taught to be a boy, raised to be a man
reproducing a system i hate

(this is) no entertainment
what do i stand here for?
what do you expect?
you want a master plan?
a call to arms? a manifesto?

no, youíll get nothing like this
itís just my trying to act my anger

my anger Ė not the revolution
my inner struggle Ė not yours
(laughing, crying, screaming)
my anger Ė not the revolution
my war Ė not the worldís
(smiling, dancing, fighting)

i just try to express my feelings
i donít care what you say, i just try to express my feelings
our hearts donít beat 1, 2, 3, 4
hardcore ? honesty ? expression of feelings

sometimes all this feels so senseless
like standing on stage, entertaining a crowd
that has come to dance and doesnít give a fuck
about what we really feel about our songs
this is no entertainment!
this means so damn much to us

emotion is life
we need more love songs in hardcore

radically change myself
institutionalised opposition, defining myself through antis not pros
how can one boy be so full of hate when he was never beaten in his fucking face
why canít i accept Ė my opinion is no law Ė there are others worth as much as mine
so alone, so alone, caught alone by walls i built myself

a mirror Ė a smiling face Ė but even this Ė smile is a lie
no one here Ė to drag down Ė just a fake smile Ė and a fake boy
and in the end itís all about being a good friend and not alone
i know i cheated you more than once, treated you like shit, forgive me, forgive me


i realized i chained myself
in a net of self righteous morality, the judge and the jury in one damn hand
political correctness can be a drug if you donít take care, look at my fucking veins
if revolution means Ė aiming with guns at friends Ė then go ahead but i drop out right here
hearts broken, blood went black, stolen eyes and iím unable to move

let me take back all the shit iíve done to you to drag you down
let me take back all the lies i told to make me look so cool and
please give me another chance, i know i donít deserve it but help me please
radical change Ė radically change myself

under white death
(out in the blistering cold iím screaming
hold me, protect me
wonít you ever let me down)

dying down here in the hole
unsatisfied with the world outside
there must be something more
a place where hearts donít freeze
the rainbow isnít dyed so white
a place thatís full of life

what do you search for, little rabbit?
i search for the spring, is it you?
no iím not the spring, iím just a mole
thank you dear mole, cross your fingers i will find it

maybe one day soon!
iíll have to find it!

(searching for an end of this winter to come
she knows every road has to start with a first step)

heartless winter
buried alive under white death
kill all the white men (those with carrot noses and those without)

i have to find a bear to carry me home
what i need is a friend to show me where home is
what i need is you
help me, embrace me
what i need is truth
let this winter end

new age pestilence
yeah, this is real!
yeah, this is right now!
no, i canít heal you!
you are already dead!

human scum Ė killed by virus god!
iím the last of the sane!

inhale the sound of silence
new age pestilence

wake up!
virus god

hey, look at me!
hey, see my eyes glow!
yeah, iím already dead!
smile, soon youíll join us!

seraphim of a virus god
just one word: evolution

inhale the sound of silence
new age pestilence

your future is not bright
your future means darkness

two generations, not more
your days are numbered
this system will collapse
new world out of order
poor people gonna rise up and get whatís theirs
poor people gonna rise up, get their share
their vengeance will be righteous
still time to change sides
still time for changesÖ
(white silence!)

priority #1
it hasnít always been easy
there were damn hard times in fact
that particular day, you know which one i mean -these tears were real
it was no trick to win you back
i really donít know what i would do without you

donít let the ordinary every day life destroy
the wonderland that we built here in our tiny cave

i goddamn hate fighting with you
screaming about shit none of us cares about
emergency room versus some new seven inch
is that really so important?
important is that my heart beats faster when you enter the room
your smile is worth much more - then all my pride

live without you?
tell me a single reason why and then pass me the dagger/give me the gun

please let this feeling last forever

i donít want to live without your love
i donít want to and i think i canít

last song
for you itís just a bunch of songs but
for us theyíre far more, some kind of diary
of our emotions, our broken hearts
our raised fists, our scars, our lives and our loves

my love, my friendship and honesty

not one second wasted, no expenses in vain
our lives so far were a dream, if we remember

all the stages drenched in sweat, all the pits we set on fire
all the blood that has been shed
the new friends we met and all the inspiration
the energy we felt and the love received
itís not about being cool
but death and resurrection

if this was the last song that we would ever write
it would be alright, because we reached far more
than we dreamt of when we started
five teenage kids grew a family
from this point of view we could lay down and die

(now that the sun is setting, into the light weíre headin)

now wall of death the world Ė together
still armed and angry
and as long as we are breathing we will try to change the world
to stay true to ourselves
life is art
and we refuse to be dead

mutter erde (vinyl bonus track)
lyrics by loxiran