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27.06.07 - END KURHAUS!

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Wir waren Teenager, als wir mit dieser Band angefangen haben, und wir hätten niemals geglaubt, dass es uns so lange geben würde, oder dass wir so viele, so tolle Konzerte an so weit entfernten Orten und sogar im Ausland spielen würden. Uns war allerdings auch immer klar, dass es diese Band nur in dieser Form, also nur mit uns fünf und niemandem sonst, geben würde. In einer Band, die auf Freundschaft basiert, ist niemand austauschbar. Dass heißt aber auch, dass, wenn einer von uns nicht mehr will, wir aufhören müssen. Dieser Punkt ist jetzt erreicht.

Eigentlich ist dieser Punkt schon länger erreicht, aber da uns die Band so wichtig war, haben wir uns mit aller Kraft an sie geklammert und es nicht einsehen wollen. Jetzt ist es zum Knall gekommen, es sind Schimpfwörter gefallen und wenn wir Freitag in unseren alten VW Bus steigen würden, um zum Cry Me A River Festival zu fahren, wäre das keine gute Idee. Es tut uns leid, aber wir mussten die Notbremse ziehen, um wenigstens die Chance zu wahren, Freunde zu bleiben, mussten wir die Band opfern. In den fast elf Jahren haben wir uns einfach auseinander gelebt, musikalisch aber auch was unsere ganz realen Lebenssituationen angeht. Wir können nicht mehr mit einer Stimme sprechen, also schweigen wir.

Alle Konzerte sind abgesagt und es wird auch keine Abschiedsshow geben. Das ist zwar schade, aber es wäre verlogen. Wir wollen nicht mehr und wir können auch nicht mehr. Wir entschuldigen uns bei allen, die wir jetzt enttäuschen, die noch Konzerte mit uns in Planung hatten oder uns gerne noch einmal gesehen hätten.

Wir bedanken uns bei allen, die uns über die Jahre unterstützt haben, bei den Menschen, die Konzerte veranstaltet haben, den Menschen, die sie besucht haben und den Menschen, mit denen wir zusammen gespielt haben. Dank unserer Reisen haben wir hordenweise unglaublich nette Menschen kennen gelernt. Hoffentlich sehen wir uns trotzdem wieder.

Ganz besonders bedanken wir uns bei Zeitstrafe, PxF Records und Freecore, die unsere Platten veröffentlicht haben. Danke, dass ihr an uns geglaubt habt.

Danke auch an alle anderen, die uns geholfen haben, egal ob sie unsere T-Shirts bedruckt haben, unsere Webseite designt, uns durch die Gegend gefahren, unsere Booklets gelayoutet oder unsere Platten in ihren Distro aufgenommen haben.

Danke an alle, die uns das Gefühl gegeben haben, dass es richtig war, was wir taten, dass diese Band nicht egal war und dass wir mit unserer Vorstellung von D.I.Y. als Gegenentwurf nicht alleine sind.

Das letzte Kurhaus Konzert fand am 16.06.2007 im JUZ in St. Ingbert statt. Der letzte Song, den wir jemals gespielt haben war „Die or get rich tryin’“. Die letzte Zeile dieses Songs lautet „oh let this be the end“. Als hätten wir es gewusst…

Macht’s gut, vielen Dank und wir sehen uns. Wir sind ja nicht tot.

KURHAUS (1996 – 2007)

27.06.07 - END KURHAUS!

We were all teenagers when we started this band and we would have never expected that we would keep it going for so long or that we would be playing so many, so great shows at places so far away and even abroad. However we were always clear that this band would only exist in this line-up with the five of us and no one else. In a band based on friendship no one is replaceable. This does also mean that if one person doesn’t want to go on anymore then we would have to quit. This point has been reached now.

Actually this point has already been reached quite a while ago but because the band was so important to us we didn’t want to realize it. Now the big bang has come, swearwords were used and it would be a bad idea if we climbed our old VW bus this Friday to play Cry Me A River festival. We are sorry but we had to pull the emergency brake. To keep it possible for us to stay friends we had to sacrifice the band. In the past almost eleven years we have simply drifted apart from each other, our tastes in music as well as our real life situations. We can’t speak with one voice anymore. So we keep silent.

All gigs have been cancelled and there won’t be a farewell show, either. It’s a pity but it would be dishonest. We don’t want anymore and we can’t anymore. We apologize to everyone who is disappointed right now, who has planned to do a show with us or who wanted to see us one more time.

We want to say thank you to everyone who supported us through the years, to the people who set up shows with us, who attended these shows or who shared stages and floors with us. On our trips we have met many magnificent people. We hope to meet you all again nevertheless.

Especially we want to say thank you to Zeitstrafe, PxF Records and Freecore who put out our records. Thank you for having believed in us.

Thanks as well to everyone who helped us no matter if they printed our shirts, designed our website, drove us around, did the layout of our booklets or put our records into their distros.

Thanks to everyone who gave us the feeling that what we did was right, that this band did matter and that we are not alone with our idea of d.i.y. as an alternative draft.

The last Kurhaus show took place at JUZ St. Ingbert on June 16th 2007. The last song we’ve ever played was “die or get rich tryin’”. The last line of this song is “oh let this be the end”. As if we would have known…

Take care, thanks a lot we’ll meet again. We are not dead, are we?

KURHAUS (1996 – 2007)

19.04.07 - practice what you promise

as we announced last month we are looking forward to playing shows again and by now we have already seven shows on our schedule. the first two will take place this weekend in mönchengladbach and in oschersleben with our friends tackleberry .

some other shows we are looking forward to are a benefit show in berlin in may as well as cry me a river and the antifee festival in göttingen that will both take place in june. for the antifee festival there is also a new interview online on monsters of göttingen .

the day after cry me a river we will be playing in solingen with our pxf labelmates anomalie and sirens and we will also play a little festival in neuruppin. we hope we’ll be able to fill the last few tbas soon as well! feel free to contact us!

especially we need help for the 4th and 5th of may! if you feel like you could help us please contact us via email or myspace!

26.03.07 - still alive, still breathing

it’s been quite a while since our last sign of life but we are still here. we just needed a little break because honestly we were suffering some kind of burn out syndrome. the past two or three years were really eventful. we released quite a few records, played a lot of shows and met many, many amazing people. right now every one of us is facing some changes in his life like moving to another city, finishing university or apprenticeship or looking for a job. hardcore is more than music and life is more than hardcore…

we are already planning some shows for the upcoming months but we aren’t able to present exact dates yet. we are hoping to fix this in a few days or weeks. however we got something interesting to announce. we got some new apparel in our shop. we got two new amazing shirt designs, bags and for the first time ever hooded zippers. the shirts and sweaters were produced in turkey and they are sweatshop free. the quality is amazing and the colours are beautiful. despite higher costs we decided to keep the prices on the same low level. who needs profits anyway? we’d also like to announce that matula, our labelmates and rehearsal space partners, have released their first full length on zeitstrafe as cd and lp. it is called “kuddel” and it is great. check it out!

24.12.06 - last briefing for 2k6

when the clock will strike midnight on new year’s eve and 2006 will be history, a busy year for us will have passed, a year in which we released a split 7” with escpapado, numerous songs on compilations plus a complete full length. along the way this year will have seen 49 kurhaus shows, the last four of which going to take place between christmas and new year’s eve (check dates below). to be honest we are a little burnt out right now and so it will be good for our mental and physical health that due to some final examinations and other getting-your-life-done shit we will have to take a little break from touring at least for the month of january and maybe a little longer. we’ll keep you informed!

but right now it is time to say thank you to everyone who helped us this year, who set up shows, attended them, shared stages and floors with us, who helped realising our music and distributing it, who did interviews or just sent us mails or messages and kept us communicating, who asked critical questions and gave inspiration, who made it possible for us to visit so many places and have so many great shows, who fed us and gave us shelter and finally but from the deepest bottoms of our hearts to those who stood by us in times of trouble in our private lives! thank you so much!

as a little present we got another free song for you to download. it is called “emo needs myspace like richard gere needed julia roberts”, it’s rather short and it can be found on our myspace site or simply be downloaded here. enjoy!

some more news: the “refuse to be dead” lp is almost sold out and by that i mean rather twenty or ten than a hundred copies left. so if you feel like you need it you should better be quick or check out some of the usual distros who still carry a few as well. there is already a lot of reviews for “a future pornography”. some of which are great and some are rather funny like the one in trust fanzine that speaks of a collection of older songs. only adorno knows which drugs led the author to this idea… well, the latest one is in the current issue of visions (wow!). and finally there is a new mp3 compilation from kommando disko called “helft rocco” free for download featuring besides our humble appearance bands like lt. mosh, escapado, american tourists, telemark and twelve more. find it or simply download it here. oh, and i almost forgot to admit that being in koeln we adopted a care bear that was given to us by some very nice hosts! alright, so long and thanks for all the tofu! krhs

27.12.06 kassel - haus w/ matula
28.12.06 st. ingbert - juz w/ matula, blue room forbidden
29.12.06 frankfurt am main - elfer music club w/ matula, neinneinnein
30.12.06 hoehr-grenzhausen - tenne w/ neinneinnein, times new romance